How to Make Custom Pagination in React JS with Hooks

How to Make Custom Pagination in React JS with Hooks

We often find ourselves in a situation where we have to deal with large sums of data in our Application for user experience. If we render the data, in the same way, using the map function, the DOM Tree and the efficiency of our app will suffer the consequences like effect on speed and loading time, etc.

There are four solutions for this problem, and pagination is one of them. It divides the content into pages decreasing the pressure on the DOM Tree and keeping our efficiency unharmed.

Here, we’ll discuss a way of creating pagination without using any package in React with the help of React Hooks.


  1. React App
  2. Creating a table for the data
  3. Applying Hooks
  4. Displaying the data
  5. Creating the pagination

Let’s begin….

Creating our React App

Creating a React App is very easy, just type the following command in the command prompt

create-react-app react-pagination

For this to work, you should have npm and node installed in your system and then navigate using the cd command to the folder where you want to create your react app.

Bootstrap will be used from their CDN links for this project, you can use it any other way too. Creating the table for our data

An API for getting our large sum of data. Now we will create our table for displaying this data

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