How to make a Pokemon App in React

How to make a Pokemon App in React

We all have either appeared or are facing interviews for the post that we so desire, and many a time we have to face a round in which we are asked to make a certain website, webpage, or SPA in the given amount of time.

Something similar happened to me. I was facing an interview for the position of React Developer, where I was asked to make a pokemon app with pokeapi in React within 5-6 hrs, and no boundary line for the design. I was free to choose one for myself.

Given the time frame, I chose the simplest design which shows the searched pokemon image and its stats.

I am sharing my design. I have discussed every bit of detail in this blog on Tekolio, where I have described each step on how I made this app in React using hooks and without using axions simply by fetch and async-await. I have also discussed how to get different stats for each pokemon. Hope you all will like it. %[